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Corrosion and Your Water Heater

Monday, July 31st, 2017

water-heater-repair-toolsWhen corrosion starts to set in on a water heater, the conventional wisdom is that it’s time to replace the system. Conventional wisdom is (mostly) right regarding this. If corrosion begins to appear on a water heater’s tank, there’s usually nothing repairs can do to remedy the problem; the water heater will soon start leaking without any way to stop it, making replacement a necessity.

This isn’t always the case however. We’re going to look a little more into the facts of corrosion and water heaters to help you understand how water heaters avoid corrosion—until they can’t.

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There’s No Such Thing As a “Minor” Leak!

Monday, July 17th, 2017

crossed-wrenchesThere’s a big difference between calling a leak in residential plumbing small and minor. There are definitely small leaks. But a small leak is still a major problem in a home’s plumbing, adding up to significant water loss as well as property damage. If you suspect you have leaks in your household plumbing, no matter how large or small they are, it’s important to call on professional plumbers to locate the leak and fix it.

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What Exactly Is “Water Softening”?

Monday, July 3rd, 2017

golden-facuet-bathroomHere’s a frightening fact about water quality in homes: around 85% of the homes in the U.S. have hard water in their plumbing. One of the areas where hard water is most common and most pronounced is right here in New Mexico.

We said this is a frightening statistic, but we want to remind you not to panic about health concerns. Hard water isn’t actually harmful for people to drink. What hard water actually means is there is a larger than normal concentration of the minerals magnesium and calcium. These are naturally occurring minerals and are found in many food and beverage items you consume regularly. (And you’ve no doubt heard about how important calcium is for developing good strong bones.)

However, you don’t want magnesium and calcium in your water supply, because while it may be fine for you and your family to drink, it isn’t fine for the rest of the plumbing. Hard water creates limescale along the inside of pipes, a leading cause of an increase in water pressure as well as eventual clogging and leaks. Hard water will also significantly reduce the service life of appliances such as water heaters. It creates nuisances as well, since hard water makes it tough to work up soap lather, stains clothing in laundry machines, and leaves unpleasant film behind on surfaces—including your skin and hair!

The solution to hard water is to have professionals install a water softener in Clovis, NM.

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