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After the Holidays Is a Good Time for Drain Cleaning

We’re coming up on the New Year, and once it’s 2018 it will be the end of the holiday season. When you’re cleaning up and putting away all the decorations, there’s another chore you may wish to think about doing: after the holiday is a good time to arrange for professional drain cleaning in Melrose, NM or elsewhere in our wide service area.

Why Drain Cleaning After the Holidays?

The main reason drain cleaning is a good idea once all the winter holidays are finished is that the drains around your house, but especially in the kitchen, have done an immense amount of work. You’ve probably had guests over, meaning showers and bathrooms sinks that don’t normally get much use just saw the most use that they’ll have all year. The kitchen sink is the drain that can be in the most trouble, however. All the cooking and cleaning that goes on during the holidays means an immense amount of fats, oils, grease, food waste, and soap going down the drains and the garbage disposal. (We’ve already discussed how you can run into trouble with your garbage disposal at this time of year).

What Can Drain Cleaning Do for Me?

If you have never scheduled professional drain cleaning for your house before, then 1) you’re way overdue for it, and 2) you may not know how thorough and effective this cleaning is. We recommend homes have it scheduled once a year to help take care of their plumbing and avoid the majority of clogging and slow drainage. And, as we said above, there’s no better time to have it done than at the start of the year to clear out the holiday residue and give you a fresh beginning for the year.

A professional drain cleaning is designed to remove all the debris and build-up that has attached to the walls of the drainpipes over time. This build-up is particularly a problem in the kitchen drainpipes because of FOG (fats, oils, and grease), but hair and soap scum create problems for bathroom drains, and they can be difficult to remove without the assistance of drain cleaning professionals. Once the professionals have cleaned the drains, expect to encounter few, perhaps no, drain clogs and slow drains during the year.

Hydro-Jetting Is the Way to Go

We have to mention this now: the only type of drain cleaning you can do on your own is with a plunger to handle simple clogs and a basic hand-crank drain snake, also for simple clogs. “Liquid drain cleaners” won’t effectively do the job, and their acidic action often damages pipes. No plumber recommends using these store-bought chemicals.

We use hydro-jetting to see that the drain cleaning to remove the holiday build-up is done thoroughly and without damaging the drainpipes. Hydro-jetting uses blasts of high-pressure water to scour the drain interior. We can do a complete drain cleaning in a short time and leave your drains in like-new condition when we’re finished.

Get a great start on the New Year with the plumbing in your house: schedule drain cleaning services with our team by calling (575) 222-2551.