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Water Heater Maintenance: Why You Need It

During the fall is the time when homeowners schedule maintenance for their heating systems so they’re ready to handle the cold weather. But parts of a household plumbing system also need maintenance attention during fall, even though they’re used around the year. The water heater is one plumbing appliance that needs regular tune-ups and inspections, and the fall is the best time to arrange for these services. Even though water heaters do work on almost every day of the year, they receive additional work stress during the winter. Plus, winter is the time of the year when people least want to have their water heater suddenly break down and cut off the hot water supply!

Maintenance and Your Water Heater

No heating system in your house does more work than the water heater. After all, you need hot water on a daily basis for showers, baths, cooking, cleaning, etc. The stress placed on a water heater will build up unless it receives regular professional maintenance, causing problems, energy waste, and probably and early system replacement.

Here are some of the reasons you need annual water heater maintenance:

  • System longevity: All the work a water heater does accumulates over time, and that can mean a system needing to be retired early and replaced. That’s a costly route to take: you want the best return on investment possible from your water heater, and only maintenance will keep age from rapidly catching up with the system.
  • Energy savings: There are many ways that a deteriorating water heater will start to cause the system to drain more power than necessary. Here’s just one example: sediment building up in the tank will make it harder for the burners to transfer heat into the water in the tank, forcing the burners to run for longer periods and consume more power. Technicians can flush the tank to solve this problem. There are many other steps in maintenance that will keep a water heater working at its peak energy efficiency.
  • Catch repairs early: During maintenance, a technician closely examines the water heater to find places where repairs may be necessary. A technician may locate slow leaking areas that will rapidly turn into problems if left alone, or find issues with the gas flow or flakes of corrosion on the burner. You’ll be able to schedule repairs promptly before they cause trouble and cost you money.
  • Prevent emergency breakdowns: This is probably the best benefit of water heater maintenance—giving you peace of mind that the system won’t crash on you over the winter. A tune-up water heater has the best chance of making it through the coming year with a minimum of problems and no need to make emergency repair calls.

You can arrange for water heater maintenance with us. Along with the standard tank water heater, we also work with tankless water heaters and heat pump water heaters. To handle service for any of these systems or other issues with your plumbing in Melrose, NM, make us your first choice.

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