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The Shut-Off Valve for Your Plumbing: Do You Know Where It Is?

Monday, November 4th, 2019

water-main-shut-off-valveDo you have a special list of emergency numbers and a special emergency kit set aside? You probably do, since this is one of the basic household planning projects. But do you know where the shut-off valve for your home’s plumbing is located? This is an essential bit of knowledge for plumbing emergencies that threaten flooding—and it’s something you and all the adults in your house should know. You should also know how to use the shut-off valve, which isn’t always as straightforward as it sounds.

Once you’re armed with this vital information about the shut-off valve, you can help stop expensive water damage and massive water waste. You’ll have peace of mind as well.

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Warning Sounds of an At-Risk Air Conditioner

Monday, September 9th, 2019

loud-noises-womanLate fall-early summer for air conditioning in Farwell, TX is a high-risk period. Air Conditioners have run steadily since the end of spring. Even with a professional tune-up before the start of the hottest weather of summer, an AC can still be in danger of a malfunction after so many months of putting out cooling power.

We recommend our customers stay alert for signs of an air conditioning fault at this time of year. ACs don’t have AI programs to diagnose and report malfunctions, so you will have to rely on conventional warnings, such as odd sounds. Below are some out-of-the-ordinary noises your AC might make that are begging you to call for repairs from our pros.

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Are There Health Risks from Old Pipes?

Monday, August 13th, 2018

pipe-decayPeople are more concerned today than ever before about the quality of the water that comes to their homes. Municipal water goes through treatment plants to ensure that it is safe to drink, but it’s possible for water to pick up contaminants through ground water seepage on the way to a residential plumbing system. (This is how hardness usually starts in water.) There’s also a concern about old piping and how it can add toxicity to the water supply. You can’t do much about municipal pipes, but what about the pipes in your home? If you live in an older house, you may have outdated and aging pipes—could these create health risks for your household?

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Is Hard Water Unhealthy for My Family to Drink?

Monday, June 4th, 2018

water-softener-tankWe offer installation of many residential water treatment systems. One we install frequently is the water softener. But when we mention water softeners to homeowners, they often become concerned. They know hard water is “not a good thing,” and their mind first goes to possible health problems. While strongly recommend installing a water softener in Farwell, TX for any home that has hard water problems, this isn’t necessarily because of health concerns.

Let’s take a closer look at hard water, what it does, and if it poses a health risk to your family.

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How to Tell if You Need to Replace the Bathroom Toilet

Monday, May 21st, 2018

bathroom-with-visible-toiletThe toilet is one of the most important functional pieces of plumbing in your house. You know you can’t get along without one! But because the toilet so functional, people often don’t think about when the time has come to replace an old unit with a new one. No part of a home’s plumbing will last forever, so eventually that old bathroom fixture will need to come out—and it will take a professional plumber to do the job.

How will you know that it’s time to call our plumbers to replace your bathroom toilet? We’ve listed a few signs below that will alert you:

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5 Questions to Ask Before a Kitchen Remodel

Tuesday, February 27th, 2018

kitchen-stool-around-islandYou’ve made the choice to remodel your kitchen. That’s a great idea! But don’t charge into this job too fast. You have many choices to make, and haste can result in a kitchen that doesn’t meet your needs or just looks ugly. Here are five important questions to ask yourself about your kitchen remodel from the start.

1) Are You Planning to Sell Your Home in the Near Future?

This question goes to the basic reason you’re deciding on a kitchen remodel. Many people decide to remodel the kitchen with the goal of increasing its market value. This is an excellent plan, since a new kitchen adds immense appeal to the home and excites potential buyers. If you are planning to remain longer in your home, however, make sure the remodeling isn’t done strictly for appeal to others but for appeal to you. Don’t compromise on what you’d love to have in your new kitchen.

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