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A Few Fresh Ideas for Your Bathroom Remodel

White, modern bathroom sinkBathrooms were not originally designed in homes with any sense of elegance. They were functional, and they looked functional. That was yesterday, however. Today, elegance and style are a major part of new bathrooms. Brighter colors, better storage, tile floors and walls, luxury fixtures, heated towel racks, and more.

If you have an older and drab-looking bathroom, you can achieve a modern look for it with a professional bathroom remodel in Clovis, NM. Unlike a kitchen remodel, a bathroom remodel is less intrusive on your daily life, but can be just as beneficial. Keep reading for some ideas for a great bathroom remodel. 

A Walk-In Shower

If you have an older home, you probably have a bathtub shower combination. If you aren’t set on holding onto that bathtub (or you have a tub in another room), consider putting in a walk-in shower. This is stylish as well as a space-conscious choice, and it’s also easier for people with mobility issues to use.

A Low-Flow Toilet

We strongly advise you have most of your plumbing re-done during a remodel. It not only improves the bathroom and gives it a longer life, but it also allows you more freedom with the remodel. You can also replace older fixtures at the same time, and putting in a low-flow toilet is one of the best steps you can take. A low-flow toilet can significantly reduce your indoor water use, lower your bills, and benefit the environment.

Smart Storage

You store plenty of items in your bathroom, and how you store them can make a huge difference in accessibility and attractiveness of the space. Make use of upper wall space, which is often a part of the bathroom that’s left empty. Sunken shelves in the walls and the bathroom are good ways to expand storage space without intruding into the actual space. A popular trend is open shelves with stylish wicker baskets, and this works excellently for under sink storage.

Be Creative With the Sink

The sink is where you can make major changes. Vessel sinks are a popular option today, but you can put some old-world class into the room with a pedestal sink—which also saves space. Another space-saving idea is a corner sink or the trough sink. You can choose between drop-in and under-mount sinks as well.

Upgrade the Lighting

This is often an overlooked part of remodeling. Old track lighting and ugly hanging fixtures can be replaced with more attractive recessed lighting. You can create a softer look in the space that still allows it to be functional. Make sure the lighting upgrades include putting in LED lights to help with energy savings.

Call the Plumbing and Remodeling Experts

We offer extensive plumbing services to Clovis and the surrounding areas. But we are also bathroom remodeling specialists—and not just handling the plumbing part of the remodeling. We do the entire job, making it more streamlined. We’ll work with you to devise the best ideas to come up with a perfectly elegant and useful bathroom.

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