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Tankless Water Heaters in Clovis, NM

The tankless water heater isn’t a new invention. From the earliest days of powered water heaters, there were systems that didn’t require a large storage tank in order to supply hot water. However, tankless water heaters have only recently developed the technology to be practical and effective for homes. Today, these models offer some excellent benefits over standard storage tank models, and their popularity in Europe has spread to the U.S.

Are you interested in discovering the advantages of a tankless water heater for yourself? Or do you already have one installed in your house and you need repairs or maintenance service for it? Whatever the case, call Mark Carpenter Plumbing. We have the experience, training, and equipment to handle whatever job will give you the best-working tankless water heating system possible. Call us in Clovis today to arrange for quality service.

Mark Carpenter Plumbing offers complete services—installation, replacement, repair, maintenance—for tankless water heaters in Clovis, NM and the surrounding areas.

How Do Tankless Water Heaters Work?

Homeowners are so attached to the idea of storage tanks when it comes to hot water that they find it a bit difficult to imagine how a tankless system might operate. But the principles are actually quite basic. A tankless water heater consists of a heat exchanger attached to the hot water line in a house. The water passes through a heat exchanger, where heat from either natural gas or electrical heating elements is applied to it. The heat exchanger is activated by the movement of water, so the water is only heated when a tap turns on demanding hot water somewhere in the house. For this reason, tankless systems are also called on–demand water heaters.

Benefits of Tankless Water Heater Installation

Tankless water heaters are usually more expensive to install than conventional water heaters, but they return their investment in a variety of ways:

  • Less expensive to run – Because these systems only consume energy when there’s a demand for hot water, they’re more fuel efficient than storage systems, which must keep up a steady supply of heat to maintain water temperature.
  • Never run out of hot water – Since there’s no standing water supply that can be depleted and the system is always ready to heat up more water, tankless systems won’t leave anyone in your home with cold showers in the morning. Or cold water any time!
  • Extended lifespan – Without the stresses of hot water in a tank and the constant use of energy, tankless water heaters will last for more years than conventional systems. That gives you even more time to reap in energy savings.

A tankless system will run down eventually, and you should always make sure to call on professionals to handle the necessary replacement work when that happens.

Call Us for Tankless Water Heater Maintenance and Repair

Although the basic action of a tankless water heater is easy to explain, it is not a simple device. You must see that you have regular maintenance work done on it every year to keep its components from rapidly wearing down and creating numerous repair issues. If you should run into a malfunction and the water heater isn’t doing the job it should, call on professionals to fix the problem. You will find all the services you need in Clovis, NM for a tankless water heater at Mark Carpenter Plumbing. We have more than 16 years of experience serving the hot water needs of homes in the area.