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Water Heater Choices: Tank or Tankless?

The standard water heater that most people are familiar with is the storage-tank water heater. This type of water heating system uses a large tank to store a supply of water that’s kept continually hot so it’s ready for use.

But this type of water heater now has competition: the tankless model. A tankless water heater uses a heat exchanger to transfer thermal energy to the water as it passes through the unit. It heats the water “on-demand” whenever a tap comes on requesting hot water. There’s no need to store water since the water heater simply heats up more as necessary.

Which One is Better?

Both have pros and cons. We’ll look at a few:

  • Tank water heater pros: Generally an inexpensive type of system, they fit in with most household budgets. They’re most reliable and provide enough hot water for a house provided they were properly sized at installation time. Hot water delivery to the taps is fast, with little waiting time.
  • Tank water heater cons: They don’t last as long as tankless systems, and they also consume a larger amount of energy because they have to keep the water in them at a steady temperature, even if no one is using the water. They take up a lot space.
  • Tankless water heater pros: Use far less energy than conventional water heaters since they only heat up water as needed. They last longer than tank water heaters, and they never run out of their hot water because they’re always ready to heat up more. They only take up a small amount of space, and can even be mounted outside.
  • Tanks water heater cons: More expensive initial installation. They can lose energy efficiency if too many hot water taps or appliances are running at once. The delay waiting for the heated water to arrive is longer, which wastes water.

Don’t worry if you don’t know which of the two types is best for you. Our professional water heater installers are here to make sure that you make the right choice. You can depend on us to select the ideal new system for your home and have it installed quickly and correctly.

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