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How to Find the Right New AC for Your Home

HVAC units outsideYou’re planning to put in a new air conditioning system for your house. Maybe your older air conditioner has failed, you think your current is an energy-waster that won’t last much longer, or you’re moving into a new house that doesn’t have an AC in place yet. Whatever the reason, you’re in the market for air conditioning in Portales, NM, and you have some choices to make.

Aren’t All Central ACs Pretty Much the Same?

Not at all. Because people don’t often think much about air conditioning systems (unless they’re in the HVAC industry), it’s easy for them to imagine air conditioners are all standard. As long as the AC fits in the house, it’ll do the job. This is far from the case.

Modern air conditioning systems come in different sizes, configurations, and an array of available features. When you’re looking for a new AC, you’ll have the option to purchase a high-efficiency system, a system with a multi-stage compressor, a packaged unit, and more. If you start looking over the choices on your own without any assistance from a professional, you’ll quickly find yourself overwhelmed with what’s available.

And that’s why the first step to finding the right air conditioner is to do the following:

  • Call on a Professional HVAC Contractor: Trust us, you do not want to go on this adventure alone. Ending up with the wrong air conditioner can be a disaster that ends with you having to replace the unit after only a short time—an expensive situation. Since you’ll need the professionals eventually to install the unit (never trust a job this big to an amateur), have them on board early so they can guide you to the right unit.
  • Understanding Air Conditioner Sizing: The most important part of finding the perfect air conditioner for a home is properly sizing the unit. This has nothing to do with how much space the AC takes up. It’s how much cooling power the AC can put out. For an air conditioner to effectively and efficiently control the climate in a house, it must be neither too big nor too small. An oversized AC will waste energy, and an undersized one won’t keep the house cool. Professionals will do a load calculation for your house that will tell them how much cooling (measured in tons) the AC must produce for ideal operation.
  • The Right Air Conditioner Efficiency: The efficiency rating of an air conditioner is another factor to pay close attention to. The higher the SEER rating, the more efficiently the air conditioner converts electrical power to cooling. But SEER is not a guarantee of savings, and it needs to be balanced against other factors. Higher efficiency air conditioners also cost more, and your technician will help you find a unit that meets your budget requirements while also giving you the best return on investment in energy savings.

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