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How Does Video Pipe Inspection Work?

If you’ve scrolled through our various services on our website, you’ll have noticed that under “Drain and Sewer” we offer something called video camera inspection. “What’s that?” you might ask. “Is there a reason I would want that?”

The answer to the first question we’ll get to below. The answer to the second question is that you probably will never need specifically to schedule a video pipe inspection. You’ll instead call for help with your plumbing that will require that the plumbers use video pipe inspection equipment. It’s a valuable technique for many types of plumbing repairs and replacements, but not every plumbing contractor has access to it or knows how to do it. We’re experienced with this service, and we want our customers to know that they’re getting top-of-the-line equipment and technology on every job we do for them.

The Basics of Video Pipe Inspections

A video pipe inspection uses a special miniaturized camera that is attached to a long, insulated fiber-optic cable. A powerful LED light is mounted on the end of the cable above the camera. A trained plumber sends the camera end of the cable down into a drain opening. The length of the cable allows the plumber to reach as far as necessary, even the entire length of the sewer line. The cable is attached to a monitor, and the camera sends back high-definition images of the inside of the pipe. The plumber can also choose to make a recording of the images, which can be supplied to the customer on a flash drive afterward.

Using the images from the camera, a plumber can detect where a pipe needs repairs, determine the nature of a clog, or make an assessment about a pipe’s condition. A video pipe inspection cuts down on guesswork and time wasted trying to find where repairs need to be done, or what kind are necessary. A plumber can finish a job fast and accurately thanks to video pipe inspection equipment.

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