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The Hydro-Jetter Is Like Superman for Your Drains!

Back in August, we wrote a blog post explaining the tools that professionals use when they clean drains in a house. We wrote the post partially to explain why relying on experienced and licensed plumbers is important, but also because some of the technology involved in modern drain cleaning is...well, it’s kind of cool.

If you aren’t a plumber, the idea of “cool plumbing technology” may sound a bit funny. But it’s actually amazing what we can do cleaning out drains with the tools that we have today. And the best example of this technology is the “Superman” of drain cleaning, the hydro-jetter.

Able to Cleanse Any Drain in a Single Session!

The hydro-jetter is a tool that can clean out drains at a level that’s nothing short of heroic. Drains in homes start to pick up debris, organic and inorganic, over time. There’s no way to avoid this, no matter how careful you are about what you pour down your kitchen drains, or how many covers you put over bathroom and shower drains. (All these methods, however, are helpful at slowing down the process, so keep them up!) Removing this build-up is difficult. Using chemicals may eliminate some of them, but those chemicals can also cause severe damage to the pipes. Drain snakes, a.k.a. drain augurs, are effective at breaking apart clogs and scrubbing out most of the debris, but they still leave behind some deposits.

But a hydro-jetter scours clean the inside of drainpipes, safely and thoroughly. The high-pressure blasts sent out a nozzle at the end of a long hose will restore the interior of a drain to a like-new condition. This not only gets rid of any clogs, but the smooth surface of the inside of the pipe will make it difficult for the debris to start to build up again. It’s a fresh start for the drainpipe.

If you have drains that are clogging too often, or you want to keep clogs from starting in the first place, the type of hero you need is a plumber equipped with a hydro-jetter!

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