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What Water Testing Can Tell You about Your Home’s Water

Today homeowners are more concerned about the quality of the water that enters their homes than ever before. Even though the water from the municipal system goes through extensive treatment, many impurities can enter through groundwater seepage that then gets into the pipes. A wide range of minerals, heavy metals, pesticides, and other pollutants can end up in the water that your family drinks and uses to cook and clean.

There are treatment options available to purify your water. But first, you need to contact professionals to do water testing. In order for our water treatment specialists to know how to purify your water, they need to know what is in it.

What Water Testing Results Can Tell You

  • Hard water minerals: One of the #1 water quality issues in homes is hard water. This water contains a higher than normal concentration of minerals such as calcium, gypsum, and magnesium. This isn’t harmful to drink—but it’s terrible for plumbing pipes and appliances. Installing a water softener will eliminate this problem.
  • Bacteria: Your water testing results will detect bacteria that naturally occurs in soil and decaying vegetation, as well as animal droppings in the soil. There are other types of unsafe bacteria that will show up on tests, such as coli and total coliform bacteria (TC).
  • Dissolved gases: These include carbon dioxide, hydrogen sulfide, and methane.
  • Inorganic trace constituents: This covers a wide range of impurities, such as aluminum, bromide, copper, arsenic, iron, fluoride, mercury, nickel, zinc, and selenium.
  • Chlorine: This is a common side-effect of the water treatment process.

What Does It All Mean?

Don’t worry about trying to understand the water testing results on your own: we’ll be there to help you. We’ll tell you what issues in your water need to be addressed to make it as clean and safe as possible for your family. We install numerous types of filters and purifiers, including powerful reverse osmosis systems and water softeners.

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