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Is Professional Leak Detection Necessary?

Water leaks are one of the most common types of plumbing problems that homes can face. These leaks both wastewater and cause damage to building material; even the smallest leak can create major problems and must to be repaired as soon as possible.

But leaks also pose a serious problem when it comes to repairs: they’re actually not easy to find! Most of the plumbing pipes in a house are hidden from sight behind walls, floorboards, and in service rooms. When you start to suspect that you have a leak in your house because your water bills are skyrocketing or the water pressure is declining, you can’t simply guess at where the leak might be happening. You need to call professional plumbers for leak detection services.

Why This Is a Job for Professionals

Leak detection requires a combination of skills and special equipment, and only licensed and trained plumbers have both. Most plumbers can narrow down the location of a leak quickly using only their knowledge about plumbing and a number of outward signs. However, they must narrow down the area even further so they can reach the damaged pipe with a minimal amount of damage to building material. This is where they’ll use advanced tools.

The technology of leak detection includes a number of devices. Acoustic listening discs are helpful in allowing plumbers to hear the sound of escaping water, even through several feet of concrete. Thermal scanners can locate areas where the water leaving the pipes is creating a change in temperature. For the most accurate locating of leaks, plumbers will use special video camera pipe inspection equipment that allows them to closely observe the pipe from the inside.

The next time you believe that you need leaks repaired in your home, make sure that you call on our team. We’ll locate the leaks quickly and accurately.

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