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4 Ways Your Plumber Can Help You (When You Don’t Need Repairs)

We’re glad to answer your call and come to your assistance whenever you have a plumbing repair that needs to get done and get done fast. It’s an important part of our job. However, we offer many other plumbing services for homes that can help out during the quieter times.

When you don’t have a leaking pipe, a clogged sink, or an overflowing toilet, there are still some excellent reasons to give us a call and arrange for plumbing services that will benefit your life. We can help you save water, prevent future repairs, and make daily living easier and more pleasant. Below are 4 ways you can put us to work now!

1. Putting in New Gas Piping

Our plumbers work with more than the pipes that carry water. They also install and repair natural gas piping. If you’re interested in expanding the amenities in your home that run from natural gas (adding a gas stove, switching to a gas furnace) we’re the people to call.

2. Routine Drain Cleaning

Do you hate kitchen and bathroom drain clogs? We’re sure you do—they’re a regular hassle. We want to help you stop clogs before they start. Call us to arrange for regular drain cleaning services. Professional drain cleaning once a year using powerful equipment will see that your drains have little opportunity to clog.

3. Sump Pump Installation

Have you had flooding in your home’s basement or crawlspace before? Or have you worried about it happening? In either case, we recommend the installation of a sump pump that will automatically pump out excess water from your home. We offer installation and other services for sump pumps.

4. Water Testing

Here’s another service we offer that you won’t find at every plumbing contractor. We test the water in homes to find out what contaminants are in them. After that, we can recommend steps to take to purify the water. (Yes, we carry water treatment systems!)

When you need a plumber, call a Carpenter! Mark Carpenter Plumbing is here for all your plumbing services in Clovis, NM.