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The Tools of Professional Drain Cleaning

Scheduling regular drain cleaning is one of the best ways to keep your plumbing in great shape, and it will make drain clogs into a minor inconvenience that rarely crops up. But should you run into a clog at any time, you can call for drain cleaning to take care of it.

Professionals handle drain cleaning using a number of special tools that aren’t easily available to consumers—and which require special training to use correctly. Below are some of the principal tools that our plumbers use when they handle drain cleaning for residential customers.

Video Camera Inspection Equipment

These are miniaturized cameras mounted on long fiber-optic cables. Plumbers snake the cable down drainpipes, and the camera sends high-quality images of the interior back to a monitor. Using this visual information, the plumbers can determine where the drains need cleaning, what type of debris they must remove, and what type of equipment will do the job. Thanks to video camera inspections, drain cleaning is faster and more accurate than ever.


This is the most powerful tool in the drain cleaning arsenal. A hydro-jetter is a hose with a nozzle attachment at the end capable of sending out a water spray in 360°. The water sent through the hose is kept at extremely high pressure, and the effect is a thorough scouring of the interior of the drainpipe. Hydro-jetting not only blasts apart clogs, it so effectively cleanses the pipe that it’s difficult for clogging to start again.

Motorized drain snakes (drain augers)

An inexpensive hand-crank drain snake can sometimes get through small, simple clogs. But for actual drain cleaning, you’ll need to have a professional use a motorized snake that will do much more than punch a hole through the obstruction. In trained hands, a motorized drain snake will completely eliminate the clog by breaking it apart.

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