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Reasons Water Pressure in Your Home Is Low

Faucet drippingLow water pressure may not feel like a major emergency. Not compared to having no water in your house at all. But low water pressure is a problem that few homeowners understand. It makes everyday tasks much more difficult, such as getting a decent shower or trying to hand-wash anything in the kitchen sink. Low water pressure may worsen over time, eventually leading to no water at all.

What lurks behind the low water pressure problem? Several possibilities exist, and we’re going to look at the most common. These apply to whole-house low water pressure situations, rather than pressure drops at individual taps, which usually indicates silt in the aerator.

Trouble With the Municipal Water Supply

When your plumbing experiences a sudden water pressure drop, first find out if other homes are dealing with the same problem. Check with neighbors to learn if they also have low water pressure. If they do, the problem is coming from the local water company. Call them to see what’s wrong and when regular pressure will be restored.

Stuck Shut-Off Valve

The shut-off valve controls the flow of water from the water main into the household plumbing. It’s helpful to know its location so you can shut off the water throughout the house in case of emergency situations like flooding. This valve, however, can become stuck and partially cut off the water supply. If you recently had plumbing repairs done that required shutting off the water, the valve may not be fully closed. Check if the valve is stuck or half-open.

Broken Pressure Regulator

High water pressure coming from the municipal system can damage plumbing. A special pressure regulator solves the problem. You may have arranged for a regulator installation yourself, or perhaps the previous house owner had the work done and you aren’t aware of it. If the regulator breaks, it may end up cutting off the pressure too much. Have a professional inspect the regulator to see if it needs to be replaced.

Heavy Corrosion in Old Pipes

The plumbing in a home built before 1970 often contains steel or iron piping. Both metals are vulnerable to corrosion over time, which is why corrosion-resistant (and less expensive) copper piping took over in the ‘70s. The corrosion affecting steel and iron pipes occurs inside them, making it difficult for a homeowner to notice when it’s happening. Over decades the corrosion grows to the point where it restricts water volume. If this occurs with your water main, it will lower water pressure around the home. To fix this problem, you’ll need a great licensed plumber in Portales, NM, because the old pipes must be replaced with copper, CPVC, and PEX piping.

Repiping is a large job, but it’s one our plumbers can handle with skill. They’ll complete the work fast and cause as little disruption to your home and routines as possible. You may need a new water main installed if it’s suffered from corrosion, and this is another task you can trust our excellent plumbing team.

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