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When you’re looking for a plumber or HVAC contractor in Melrose, NM, Mark Carpenter Plumbing is the team you can trust. We offer plumbing, heating and air conditioning services stretching from installation and replacement to repair and maintenance. We service piping, faucets, water heaters, water treatment systems, central air conditioners, boilers, furnaces and more!

No matter your needs, we’re here for you! Contact our team today to schedule plumbing, heating or air conditioning services in Melrose, NM and the surrounding area.

Plumbing Services in Melrose, NM

The word plumbing actually covers a great deal of territory in your home, starting from the freshwater line that brings water to your home all the way to the sewer line. In between is a complex network of cold and hot water pipes, fixtures, and appliances. For all of these systems, you’re going to need a Melrose plumber that you can rely on.

The best plumbers to turn to are at Mark Carpenter Plumbing. We offer a wide range of plumbing services in Melrose, NM and the surrounding area.

Melrose Plumbing Repair Services

Whether you have a leak, burst pipe or your plumbing systems aren’t working as they should, make sure to call our plumbers. Our Master and Journeyman plumbers have extensive training in order to provide the highest level of plumbing repair services in Melrose, NM. Simply give us a call to request emergency plumbing repair services today.

Plumbing System Installation & Replacement

If you’re building a new home, remodeling or would like to update you home’s plumbing, Mark Carpenter Plumbing has everything you need. With our plumbing installations, you’ll receive a brand new system at a price that you will love. To learn more about our Melrose plumbing services or to request an estimate, give us a call today!

Are You Looking for Piping Repairs or Installation?

Although the pipes in a home are built for durability, it’s impossible to stop the effects of aging. An older home may need a complete repiping to replace outdated steel and iron pipes. But a home of any age may need to have busted and leaking pipes replaced or repaired on occasion. Just give us a call to have your piping needs taken care of.

We Offer Superb Drain and Sewer Services

Without an effective drainage system for your home, you’ll soon have an unpleasant and unsanitary place to live! As soon as you notice poor draining, foul odors, sewage leaking onto the lawn, or anything else that’s sending strong warnings that something is amiss with your drains or sewer line, get on the phone to Mark Carpenter Plumbing. We provide many types of repair, cleaning, and installation services to help with your drains and sewer lines in Melrose, NM. Our plumbers are ready to race out to you!

Schedule Drain Cleaning for a Healthy Plumbing System

When you run into a tough clog in a sink, shower, or other drain in your home, you’ll need professional drain cleaning to clear it out. Our plumbers are glad to take on this job for you. They are also happy to do this as a preventive measure: even if you aren’t experiencing issues with your drains, annual cleaning will help see that it remains that way.

Professional Heating Services

When it comes to heater repair needs, you could be dealing with some pretty serious stuff, or something relatively minor. But the fact is, you don’t want to take a chance and ignore something that’s much more detrimental than you realized. For instance, if you have an aging furnace that hasn’t been very well cared for over the years, you may be at risk of a cracked heat exchanger, which would require immediate heating service, for your health and safety!

Air Conditioning Services in Melrose, NM

Do you know the signs of an air conditioner in distress? This might include hot spots in your home because your air conditioner is struggling to provide you with powerful cooling. Or, you may notice a sudden increase in your cooling bills despite comparable use to last summer. Lastly, you might hear loud and unfamiliar noises coming from the system. None of these should be ignored, and all are a sign that you’re in serious need of prompt air conditioning service.

Water Heater Services

Water heaters are a basic part of daily life. It doesn’t matter the time of year or the temperature outside, your household needs hot water for showering, cooking, cleaning, and running many appliances. You can rely on Mark Carpenter Plumbing to provide water heater services that will see that you always have the hot water supply you need. We install, replace, repair, and maintain numerous types of water heaters, including tankless and heat pump water heaters. Don’t fret about losing your hot water supply: call us!

The Advantages of Tankless Water Heaters

If you’re thinking about switching to a new type of water heater, then one of your best options is a tankless model. A tankless model offers the advantage of never running out of its supply of hot water (it heats the water as its needed) and also using less power on average than a storage water heater. Plus, tankless water heaters have longer lifespans.

Mark Carpenter Plumbing services water heaters in Melrose from traditional models to more modern options. We properly size your water heater to fit the needs of your home and your family. Simply give us a call to schedule water heater services in Melrose.

Water Treatment Systems in Melrose, NM

An unfortunate fact about the water that flows from the taps in most homes today is that it often contains numerous impurities such as:

  • Phosphates
  • Chlorine
  • Heavy metals
  • Arsenic

Just using filtration pitchers isn’t enough: you should call Mark Carpenter Plumbing and ask us to install the proper water treatment system in your home that will prevent unhealthy conditions. We professional test your water to find out what sort of purifier or filter will do the job necessary to see that your household has healthy water to drink, cook with, and bathe in.

Schedule an appointment with us in Melrose, NM today by cal[ling (575) 222-2551.

We Install Water Softeners

The term hard water describes water with a high content of minerals such as magnesium and calcium. These minerals are bad news for your plumbing and can even cause your water heater to break down. So even though hard water isn’t harmful to drink, you still should get rid of it with a professionally installed and maintained water softener. We’re here to do the job you need!

Schedule Water Testing to Discover What’s in Your Water

The first step toward purifying your home’s water is to discover what is actually suspended in it. Water testing services are designed to pinpoint the impurities in your water supply. Our specialists take samples from around your home, run it through scientific testing, and then report back to you with a full rundown on the issues in your water. We’ll then help you solve whatever problems are present.

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