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Never Try to Repair a Furnace on Your Own!

Hand holding a wrenchDuring the coldest weather of the year, a furnace that suddenly won’t provide heat is a major emergency. If this happens to you, you’ll want to find a way to get it working again as fast as possible—and this can lead you to try to fix it yourself. Grab some tools, open up the cabinet, and tinker.

We understand that in an emergency such as a busted furnace in February, it’s easy to jump to taking action. Often, it’s the wrong action. This is one of those cases! Although there are a few checks you can make to see if there’s a simple cause behind why the heat won’t come on, actually repairing a furnace isn’t something you want to attempt on your own, for a variety of reasons. The fastest way to have heating restored is to call for professional furnace repair in Clovis, NM. When you call us, we’ll be there quickly and have your heating restored to you.

Why DIY Furnace Repair Is a NO

Why can’t you do your own furnace repair? For one, it’s probably not even legal for you to attempt it. If your home has a gas furnace—as the majority of homes in the area do—it is likely illegal in your jurisdiction for anyone except a licensed professional to work on it. This is true for any appliance in your house connected to a gas main. The reason is simple: safety.

Even simple errors attempting to repair a powerful natural gas device such as a furnace could create gas leaks into the home, leading to an immense combustion danger and fire hazards. Mistakes can also allow the escape of toxic exhaust gases, most dangerously carbon monoxide. Please don’t put your family or your neighborhood in any jeopardy because of amateur furnace work.

(While we’re here, don’t let allow any unlicensed “technician” to do the work on the furnace either. Still illegal, still potentially dangerous—no matter what cut-rate offer they make.)

Aside from the safety concerns, a DIY furnace repair is unlikely to actually work. One of the most difficult parts of HVAC repair is finding out what’s wrong in the first place. Many symptoms of a furnace malfunction, such as a drop in airflow or the furnace shutting off too early, can have multiple causes. Does the burner need to be cleaned? Is the blower motor at fault? Maybe it’s trouble with the thermostat? Only professionals can make an accurate diagnosis so the right repair is done.

Finally is the concern of speed. As much as you may think tackling the problem on your own is the fastest solution—it isn’t. Our technicians will never cut corners when it comes to repairing, but they’ll still see that the work is completed as soon as possible so you can have your comfort back. The shortest distance between a broken furnace and a fixed furnace is calling a professional HVAC technician. We want nothing less than your absolute satisfaction. We don’t attempt to outbid our competition … we simply outperform them.

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