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When April Arrives, Call for Air Conditioning Maintenance

HVAC technician doing maintenanceApril makes people think about spring cleaning, doing taxes, and painting Easter eggs. It’s also the time for homeowners to arrange for professional preventive maintenance for their air conditioning systems, although this is an April chore people often forget. But regular spring AC maintenance is one of the most important jobs to have done for an HVAC system during the year. All that you have to do to have your spring AC maintenance taken care of is to call our professionals.

Air Conditioning Maintenance Is a Necessity

We can’t force you to have annual maintenance for your air conditioner, the same way we can’t force you to take a pet to the vet each your or have the oil on your car changed every 5,000 miles. We can only tell you how important it is by making the kind of comparison we just did. Regular maintenance is necessary if you want an air conditioner that works well and works for many years.

The Major Benefits of Air Conditioning Maintenance

To help you understand why you never want to miss a spring inspection and tune-up for your air conditioner, we’ll list the top benefits of professional maintenance:

  • Fewer repairs: You don’t want to interrupt your pleasant summer fun to call for a technician to repair your AC. Maintenance stops around 85% of the repairs the AC may need during its service life, saving you money and making life less hectic.
  • Lower energy bills: An AC that’s cleaned and tune-up each year will run better, and that will keep your energy bills from rising. The air conditioner should keep most of its original energy efficiency rating during its service life.
  • Protect the warranty: Why do you have a manufacturer’s warranty? It’s to prevent you from having to pay for an expensive repair and replacement that’s the fault of the manufacturer. But if you skip regular maintenance, you could nullify the warranty—a risky place to be!
  • Extended equipment life: You can expect your air conditioner to live around 15 years if it has maintenance. Without maintenance, it might not make it past 7 years.
  • Peace of mind: This is the best benefit. When you head into a hot New Mexico summer, you’ll enjoy tranquility knowing there’s little chance of your air conditioner breaking down on you on the hottest day.

Professionals on the Job

Maintenance isn’t something you can do using a checklist you found on a DIY forum or allow a non-professional to do. To reap the full benefits of maintenance (and keep the warranty valid), you must schedule the service from licensed professionals. We have the technicians for the job. They’ll do a careful inspection, cleaning, and tune-up for the air conditioner so it’s ready to face the summer heat.

You may still need to have AC repair in Clovis, NM during this summer—maintenance can’t stop all problems—and we’re here to help whenever you think your air conditioner is losing cooling power or has stopped working.

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