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How to Tell Your Boiler Needs Repairs

Red boilerWe’re plumbers, but we’re also experts with handling heater repair in Clovis, NM for boilers. Even with the most modern furnaces and heat pumps available, many homes still rely on the trusty boiler to provide heat by sending hot water to terminal points around the rooms. The best current boiler systems can more than handle our cold weather.

If you use a boiler, you want to make sure it always operates in top condition. As the cold weather arrives, we have some advice for how you can detect when your boiler is in need of our professional repair services.

Below are a few of the major signs of a boiler that needs expert help:

  • Radiators/baseboard heaters go cold: If you notice that one of the rooms in your house isn’t getting warm, test to see if the radiator or baseboard heater in it is heating up. If it’s cold, then for some reason hot water from the boiler isn’t reaching it. This is often because of trouble with the manifold, and it will take a plumber to repair this.
  • Heating, in general, is uneven: The radiators may not have gone cold, but you might have noticed that some rooms are warmer than others. This could be an issue with the circulator pump on the boiler, or possibly from leaks.
  • Strange rumbling sounds from the tank: We know that a rumbling boiler tank sounds scary—but it’s unlikely that your boiler is about to explode! (Modern boilers actually don’t boil water; steam boilers are usually only found in industrial buildings.) But this rumbling might mean the boiler is overheating for a number of reasons. Shut off the boiler and call for repairs.
  • Higher heating bills: You probably have a gas boiler in your home. If you notice a steeper rise in your gas bills at the start of the heating season than you usually see (there’s always going to be some rise as the season starts), there may be something wrong with the boiler that’s causing it to run inefficiently. The same applies to rises in your electric bills if you have an electric boiler.
  • Leaks: You should never see leaks coming from the boiler tank or any of the connection points. At the first sign of water starting to pool around the base of the boiler, shut the system off and call a repair expert.
  • Corrosion: Boilers are designed to defend against corrosion for most of their service lives. Corrosion may start on the heat exchanger, in which case the heat exchanger can be replaced. If corrosion appears elsewhere, it usually means the boiler must be replaced.

Please don’t attempt to make any repairs to a boiler on your own. Especially if you have a gas boiler! It may even be illegal for anyone except a professional to fix a boiler in your jurisdiction. You want to make sure the job is done accurately and safely, so always call our experts if you have reason to believe your boiler needs repair work. And don’t delay, either, since the problem will probably worsen while you’re waiting.

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