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Do I Have a Minor Clog or a Major Sewer Line Problem?

Woman with a plumber looking under the kitchen sinkWe’d like to tell you that the issue you’re having with your drain is a simple clog and that all you need to do to fix it is to take a plunger, or a basic hand-cranked drain snake, and put in a few minutes of work. Presto! Done.

And sometimes this is the case. But it isn’t always, which is why we must keep you informed of the other possibilities for clogged up drains. There are signs to watch for that will help you figure out if you’ve got a minor clog slowing or stopping your drains—or something bigger like a broken or blocked sewer line. You need to have Clovis, NM drain cleaning service to fix this, or more extensive sewer line repair work.

How Many Drains Are Slow or Clogged?

If you only have a single drain in the house that’s giving you a problem, it’s likely you have a clog down in the drainpipe, probably in the p-trap. (This is the curved pipe section directly under the drain.) You can try to clear the clog with a plunger or a drain snake. If this doesn’t clear up the drain, then call a plumber to remove it. Even if you can remove the clog, if this particular drain seems to be clogging up frequently, we recommend scheduling drain cleaning to clear out the debris stuck to the drainpipe walls that are causing the recurring problem.

More than one drain clogging up at a time in your home indicates trouble farther down the drainage system. If the first drains to start to clog is located in the lower parts of the house (such as the basement), this is a major red flag of sewer line trouble. Calling for a professional plumber is the best idea.

Foul Odors From the Drains

Bad sewer odors from drains that aren’t clogged usually mean the water in the p-trap has dried up and all it takes to fix the problem is to run water down the drain for about a minute. But when a clogged drain is sending out unpleasant odors, that’s a sign of sewer gas being pushed up the drain. This doesn’t necessarily mean a broken or busted sewer line—it could be stopped up drain vents—but it’s a strong possibility and needs professional plumbers to look into it. Also listen for gurgling noises from the clogged drains, which also warn of the rise of sewer gas.

Other Damaged Sewer Line Warnings

When you have multiple clogged drains, check for other indications that there’s sewer line trouble. Are there soggy, bad-smelling patches on the lawn? Water moisture around drains in the basement? Do large trees or any plants with deep roots grow near where the sewer line is? If you have any reason to suspect the sewer line is in trouble, call right away for professional plumbers who can handle the work.

We’re glad to help you with cleaning out a tough clog in a drain or tackling work to fix or replace a sewer line. Trust us for any plumbing work may need. Call us today at (575) 222-2551 to schedule your service!