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5 Questions to Ask Before a Kitchen Remodel

Remodeled kitchen island with stools around itYou’ve made the choice to remodel your kitchen. That’s a great idea! But don’t charge into this job too fast. You have many choices to make, and haste can result in a kitchen that doesn’t meet your needs or just looks ugly. Here are five important questions to ask yourself about your kitchen remodel from the start.

1. Are You Planning to Sell Your Home in the Near Future?

This question goes to the basic reason you’re deciding on a kitchen remodel. Many people decide to remodel the kitchen with the goal of increasing its market value. This is an excellent plan since a new kitchen adds immense appeal to the home and excites potential buyers. If you are planning to remain longer in your home, however, make sure the remodeling isn’t done strictly for the appeal to others but for an appeal to you. Don’t compromise on what you’d love to have in your new kitchen.

2. Don’t Forget the Cabinets!

The scale of a kitchen remodel is massive, and you’ll have to make many decisions with the contractor regarding appliances and counter materials. In all these decisions, don’t choose to cut corners when it comes to the cabinets. They aren’t as expensive as some of the other items on the to-do list, but quality cabinets can make or break a new kitchen. You would also be upset to discover you lack adequate storage space in your kitchen after the remodel is finished.

3. Are There Special Needs in Your Household to Consider?

You may have already answered this one if the reason you decided on a kitchen remodel was to assist with an elderly or infirm household member. It pays to consider it even if it wasn’t the initial reason for remodeling. Expert kitchen remodelers know how to design a kitchen space to make it much easier to use for people with mobility and reach issues.

4. Are You Chasing Trends?

Yes, you can be too trendy. You want a kitchen that will feel fresh and exciting for many years, not one that dates in only a few years. Be cautious about poring over interior decorating magazines and getting excited about “flashy” or “hip” designs that won’t actually make for a functional long-term kitchen.

5. Do You Have a Good Contractor?

First of all, don’t try to do a kitchen remodel yourself! This is a complex job involving many different disciplines, from carpentry and architecture to electricity and plumbing. You want to have a professional contractor handle the work. Make sure you hire one you can trust. Ask them questions about their experience, credentials, and other people they’ve worked with. If the contractor is worth hiring, they’ll have no concern telling you any of this.

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