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Indications Your Toilet Needs a Professional Plumber

Did you know that the toilet in your house can account for up to 40% of your indoor water use? You probably think of your toilet as a standard household necessity—which it definitely is—but it’s more important to your residential plumbing system than you may have realized.

This makes it doubly important that you never ignore indications that the toilet isn’t working the way it should. There are some basic plumbing troubles you can solve on your own, such as using a plunger for simple clogs or untangling a chain in the tank. But most toilet problems require licensed professional plumbers.

Below are 3 of the more common toilet plumbing problems you may see that probably require the help of a plumber:

  • Leaks—of Any Kind: Toilet leaks are a major problem. It’s not only that they’re a waste of water. They can cause extensive water damage to the floor, structurally weakening it or making it necessary to have (expensive) water remediation services. Leaks can come from a variety of places, such as worn down gaskets between the tank and bowl, cracks along the bowl, damage to the feed line, or around the base of the wax seal deteriorates.
  • Weak Flushing Power: Is the toilet simply not getting the job done on a single flush? The water jets may be clogging up from hard water deposits, or the toilet is too old and should be replaced.
  • Suction Sounds From Other Bathroom Fixtures: You don’t expect to notice trouble with the sink and the tub drain because of the toilet. But if the toilet vents that allow sewer gas to escape out the roof become blocked, it will force the sewer gas up other available “vents”—in this case, the nearby sink and tub. This creates an odd suction and gurgling sound. You’ll need a professional plumber to clean the vents.
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