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How to Tell You Need a New Garbage Disposal

As the new year starts, you’ll want to plan on getting a few home improvements done. Maybe not anything major like a remodel; just replacing some worn-out appliances that aren’t doing the best job anymore, or are costing too much to run. We have a recommendation: getting rid of an old garbage disposal and having our plumbers install a new one.

How Do I Know My Current Disposal Is Ready to Go?

Good question. Below are four of the major warning signs that you should call for plumbers to give the disposal an inspection and then recommend whether it needs to be replaced.

  • You need to constantly hit the “reset” button: The reset button is located on the bottom of the disposal unit, and you need to press it down whenever the disposal shuts off suddenly. This will allow the motor to start again. But this should only occur occasionally. If you have to press the button a few times a week, the motor is running down and the unit needs to be replaced.
  • Numerous clogs: The clogging in the drainpipe attached to the disposal may be due to grease and fat build-up in the pipes. But it might also be the disposal failing to grind down food waste so it is causing blockages to be frequent.
  • Major leaks: If there is leaking from the garbage disposal, such as at the sink flange or other connection points, it’s often more expensive to repair the leaks than it is to put in a new disposal. Ask your professional plumber about the best route.
  • Slow grinding time: Have you noticed that it’s taking longer than before for the sink disposal to clear out the hopper (the main chamber)? This is a warning the disposal is running down. Call for a plumber to look into it.
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