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Start the New Year with Clean Drains

Whether you make resolutions for New Year’s or not, you certainly have plans for what you want to get done during 2017. We have a recommendation for home improvement that you can get done easily and which will make life through the rest of the year a bit simpler. It’s professional drain cleaning.

All you need to do is get in touch with our team of plumbers, and they’ll put you on the schedule at the earliest convenient time to give your drains a thorough cleaning.

Do I Really Need Professionals to Clean My Drains?

If you’re asking this question, it’s probably because you’re thinking about those “drain cleaners” you can purchase at most stores. Won’t they do the job? We’ve already written a full blog post about why you should never use liquid drain cleaners, even for minor clogs. Short version: they don’t effectively clean, and they can damage pipes. Drain cleaning is a task for trained plumbers who have access to equipment like hydro-jetters.

But My Drains Don’t Have Clogs!

Drain cleaning isn’t only something to call for when you have clogs or slow drains. It’s definitely one of the reasons to have drain cleaning, but it’s also maintenance and preventive measure. We recommend drain cleaning once a year for all homes. The scouring of the inside of the drainpipes removes extensive build-up and makes it difficult for clogs to occur. The drains will be in great shape for many months.

Why Arrange for Drain Cleaning Now?

There’s no “wrong” time for drain cleaning, but having it done after the holidays is smart planning because drains are often in poor shape after a few months of feasting and guests. Holiday cooking often sends large amounts of fats, oils, and grease down the drains, which are a major source of build-up and future clogs. When you put your house in order after the holidays, put your drains in order as well.

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