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4 Myths about Tankless Water Heaters—Busted!

Waterfall shower headWe often recommend our customers look into installing a tankless water heater in their Clovis, NM homes when the time comes to switch out an aging storage tank water heater. A tankless system offers numerous advantages to a household, such as an unlimited supply of hot water, a longer lifespan, and a reduction in energy bills.

But any new technology (or in this case, old technology that has only recently become popular for residential use) brings with it outdated ideas and some outright falsehood. Unfortunately, the Internet makes it easier than ever for these rumors and myths to spread rapidly until people take them as etched-in-granite truths. Since everyone here at Mark Carpenter Plumbing wants you to enjoy the finest in water heating at a great price, we are going to take time to dispel a few of the biggest myths circling tankless water heaters.

Myth #1: Tankless Water Heaters Cost Too Much to Run

This is the exact opposite of the truth. At one time, tankless water heaters tended to waste money, but that was long before they started to spread into residential use. The technology of these water heaters has improved tremendously, and now you can expect to start saving on energy bills right away when you have a tankless water heater installed.

Myth #2: Tankless Water Heaters Don’t Supply Steady Heated Water

The (mis)understanding here is that cold water will occasionally enter the hot water stream from a tankless water heater, so a person in a shower might abruptly receive a blast of cold water when least expected. Again, there’s no factual basis for this. All water passing through the tankless unit when it’s running moves across the heating elements and has its temperature raised.

Myth #3: Tankless Systems Can Send Scalding Water to the Taps

This is a safety concern about how well a tankless water heater regulates temperature. But storage tank water heaters are at a much higher risk of this occurring because of something called thermal stacking. You can adjust the temperature of a tankless system to your comfort needs and then leave it there; the system has a thermostat guard to prevent overheating.

Myth #4: A Tankless Water Heater Won’t Supply Sufficient Hot Water

This comes from a misunderstanding of how a tankless system works. When a tap comes on requesting hot water, the water heater heats up the water for use. There’s no supply to be depleted, as there is with a storage tank water heater. As long as there’s a demand for hot water, the hot water will be there. A tankless system can be overwhelmed due to demand, but the way to avoid this is to have professionals help install as many tankless units as are necessary to cope with potential simultaneous demand.

Interested in a tankless water heater installation for your home? You only need to get in touch with our water heating professionals today. They’ll go through all the steps with you to help decide if a tankless water heater will work for your household needs.

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