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What Is a Reverse Osmosis System?

There are many different choices available for whole-house filters to clean water coming into your plumbing system from the municipal water supply. But you can’t choose a filter the way you would choose clothing or brands of food: only a narrow set of filters will do the job necessary to target the types of pollutants in the water supply. This is why you must always call on professionals to install water treatment systems. They’ll know the right kinds of filters and guide you toward making the best choice.

Reverse Osmosis Filtration Systems

One type of filtration system that experts often recommend is the reverse osmosis system. This type of filtration removes dissolved inorganic solids from water by forcing the water through a semi-permeable membrane. To create the force necessary, the reverse osmosis system uses different areas of pressure. The high-pressure area naturally moves toward the lower pressure area, pushing the water through the membrane. This process allows a reverse osmosis system to extract extremely small pollutants that standard filters often miss.

The Benefits of Reverse Osmosis

The principal reason that homes have RO filtration systems installed is that these filters remove a wide range of harmful pollutants: salt, pesticides, sulfates, bacteria, fluorides, arsenic, nitrates, and many types of heavy metals. Homes that are suffering from multiple issues with water quality can often have all of them solved with this single installation.

RO systems not only make water safer to drink, but they also improve water taste and odor. In fact, water that has gone through reverse osmosis is often much better than bottled water when it comes to quality—and a far less expensive option compared to bottled water. RO systems are easy to take care of and maintain, and you can expect many years of service from one that was professionally installed.

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