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Heating in Clovis, NM

Summer packs a punch in Clovis, NM, but our winters can be just as harsh without the right climate control system in place. If you want to make it through the seasons comfortably and healthfully, then it’s vital that you have a great heating system in your home—and we can help ensure this is the case!

Whether you want to learn about the different heating options available to you, schedule a heater installation, or need heating repairs, give the professional technicians at Mark Carpenter Plumbing a call. We’ll help match the right heater to your home to get you through the coldest nights of winter, and follow that up with repairs when needed.

We're the Clovis HVAC contractor to call for heating services you can trust! Contact us today to schedule heating services in Clovis, NM and the surrounding area.

Which Heater Is Right for Your Home?

This is one of the most important aspects of having a new heater installed in your Clovis, NM home—determining exactly what type of heater to get. You’ll want to know that the heating capacity of the equipment is suitable for your living space, and that the system will offer you the best in efficiency. Mark Carpenter Plumbing services a number of heating systems in Clovis, NM including furnaces, boilers and more.

You’ll also need to determine if you want a gas–powered system or an electrical one. There are a number of benefits to each. For instance, electrical is ideal for homeowners who don’t have easy access to a municipal gas line, as well as customers who want something that is safer (though the gas–powered furnaces of today are absolutely built with safety in mind).

Heating Installation Is Not a DIY Job

The accurate installation of a heating system—no matter if it’s gas or electric—is a lot more complex of a job than you may realize. Too complex to be a "DIY" job. Make the better choice and hire an expert technician from our team to manage your heating installation in Clovis, NM. This way, you’ll know the job was done right from the beginning.

And remember, no matter how well your heater is installed, no heating system is going to be 100% reliable throughout its entire lifespan. So, if you suspect that there is something amiss with your heating system, then it’s time to schedule repairs with trained professionals. Mark Carpenter Plumbing provides heater repair on boilers, furnaces, heat pumps and more.

Gas Heating Safety

A number of homeowners throughout Clovis, NM and the surrounding areas choose a gas–powered option for their heating needs. This is because gas is typically a more affordable and accessible fuel source than electric. As we stated above, gas powered systems today are built with safety in mind, but that doesn’t mean that gas furnaces and other gas–powered systems come without any risk.

In a gas furnace, you can be dealing with a cracked heat exchanger, in which combustion gas can leak from. This combustion gas is what you know as carbon monoxide, or CO. CO can cause a number of symptoms, ranging from the seemingly mild, such as dizziness, lightheadedness, flu–like symptoms, to the severe. If you suspect this is occurring in your home, be sure to vacate and call emergency services. For more information about your risks or to schedule a heating service appointment, contact us today!