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How to Avoid a Toilet Clog

Almost every homeowner has experienced the common toilet clog. Not only is a clogged toilet an inconvenience, but trying to resolve the issue without professional help can become a time and energy-wasting project. What’s the best course of action? Try to avoid toilet clogs altogether by following these helpful guidelines!

Use a Reasonable Amount of Toilet Paper

It’s a habit we’re all guilty of: flushing too much toilet paper that our commode is not equipped to handle. It’s a common cause of toilet clogs and can be avoided. While toilet paper does dissolve, it doesn’t dissolve immediately. If you require more toilet paper than the unit can hold, flush first, use more toilet paper, then flush again.

Only Flush What the Toilet Can Handle

Your toilet isn’t a miracle worker; it is only equipped to flush water, waste, and toilet paper. You may assume that the toilet can flush small tidbits of food or plastic pieces, but you would be incorrect. This also includes foreign objects like q-tips, cotton balls, tampons, baby wipes, and other hygiene products. While you may get away with flushing those items once or twice, over time, they will accumulate in your toilet and cause a stubborn clog.

Keeps Oils and Grease Away

It’s the golden rule of plumbing: don’t let grease slip down the drain, especially in your toilet! The toilet’s cool water will solidify the oil almost immediately. Over time, the grease will line the interior of your pipes. Eventually, the water flow will be hindered due to the grease buildup.

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