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How to Keep the Garage Cool

When summer starts to roll around, many of us spend our free time working on various home and car projects in our garage. Garages and sheds can be highly functional spaces, but how can one withstand high temperatures in such a space?

Your garage doesn’t have to feel like a summertime sauna! There are multiple solutions and answers as to why it is so difficult to keep a garage cool.

Why is My Garage So Hot?

Although a warm garage doesn’t seem like a pressing issue in the winter, a hot garage can seem unbearable when the weather starts to heat up.

Your garage may be prone to warmer temperatures if it is not connected to your home’s HVAC system. If your garage is already connected to your cooling system, limited return vents and air ducts can affect cool airflow.

If it’s challenging to maintain an ideal temperature in your garage, no matter the season, your garage may require more insulation. Other reasons for a warm garage may include:

  • Garage use
  • Location
  • Dark-colored garages (typically dark-colored doors or roofs absorb more heat)
  • Lack of ventilation

Cooling Solutions

A surefire way to cool down your garage, shed, or any other outdoor space is by opening the windows and doors. Allowing hot air to escape while pulling in fresh, cooler air can make a world of difference temperature-wise.

Have a garage with no windows? Not to fret, these tips can help as well!

  • Allow your car to cool down before bringing it inside the garage. After a day of driving in the sun, cars can become a significant heat source. We recommend parking your vehicle in the shade for a couple of hours or waiting until evening to park inside.
  • Every light counts! If you light your garage with typical incandescent bulbs, excess heat is emitted from the bulbs. Stick to LED lights for longer bulb lifespans and cool-to-the-touch temperatures.
  • When the midday heat hits, use electric tools outside. Items such as drills and sanders can produce excess heat, warming your garage quickly. Moving home improvement projects outdoors can not only keep your garage cool but also help maintain clean indoor air quality.
  • Portable AC units and fans are your friends! Implementing a few fans and an AC unit are great ways to cool your space down quickly and efficiently.

Your garage is an essential part of your home that provides a functional space to complete all your projects. Our experts at Mark Carpenter Plumbing have permanent HVAC solutions that will keep your garage cool all season long. Call us today at (575) 222-2551 or complete our contact form for more information.