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Image of water pouring into a glass with words "The pH Value of Water" on top.

How The pH Value of Water Can Affect You and Your Home

We all drink water—it’s essential for our health, cooking, and hygiene needs. But how many of us are aware of our water’s pH level and how it affects us?

Some may assume a name brand or aesthetically pleasing water bottle provides the best benefits when browsing for a bottle of H2O. Although these waters are pleasing to the eye, they may not offer the best pH level.

Let’s take a look at what pH means and where your tap water lands on the pH balance scale.

What is pH?

The pH balance scale determines how acidic or alkaline a specific substance is. The scale ranges from 0-14, and 7 is considered “neutral.” If a water sample falls below 7 on the pH scale, it is deemed acidic, and if the water has a pH level higher than 7, it is considered alkaline.

What’s the pH of my tap water?

The EPA guidelines recommend that pH levels in tap water remain between 6.5 - 8.5. These levels will vary depending on individual location but will most likely be alkaline rather than a neutral 7. Your water’s pH level should also indicate whether the water is hard or soft. A pH level above 8.5 points to hard water, and a pH level below 6.5 suggests soft water.

Does the pH level of drinking water matter?

The ideal pH level for drinking water is a neutral 7, but as long as it's between the EPA-recommended range of 6.5-8.5 you should be fine. If it falls outside that range, you may have a serious problem that needs to be addressedd as soon as possible. In most cases, however, it is more productive to place higher importance on ridding your water of contaminants rather than achieving the perfect pH balance. Although the tap water that flows through your home is treated, many unhealthy pollutants can seep into the water from pipes and groundwater.

Improving Water Quality

If you suspect the water in your home may be polluted, scheduling a water testing with our professionals is the first step to improving your home’s water quality. Our team will assess the results, provide you with a detailed report, and suggest next steps. We offer a variety of water treatment systems and services designed to tackle unwanted water pollutants. You can rely on our dedicated water treatment experts to help you achieve your goal of cleaner water in your home.

You deserve to drink water of the highest quality. Don’t depend on local water treatment centers to remove all contaminants. Give Mark Carpenter Plumbing a call at (575) 222-2551 or complete our contact form and will be happy to assist with your water treatment needs.