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Clogged toilet surrounded by spooky Halloween graphics.

Creepy Things That Can Clog Your Pipes

Clogged pipes can cause your entire home to back up, which may be scarier than a haunted house on Halloween.

Some clogs may be deeper than just too much toilet paper or hair that went down the drain. These creepy and questionable items may be the things clogging up your entire home system.


Rats and other small rodents can make their way into drainpipes and create a clog. These blockages can be nasty and pretty creepy. Other rodents that may not be able to fit inside of the actual pipe may instead chew at them and create an issue.

Tree Roots

Trees near your home can be beautiful, but their roots may cause issues with your plumbing. Tree roots can be a common and costly problem when it comes to clogged pipes. When they begin to grow through the pipes they can crack them and lead to leaks.


Don’t flush used or unused diapers. These should be disposed of in the trash. They are stinky, but the clog may stink even worse when your toilet is unusable.


Over the counter medicines or illicit drugs could actually be clogging up your pipes.It is much safer for your plumbing system to dispose of these in the garbage and not down the toilet.

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