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Make Some Spring Plumbing Checks

Family sitting on grass hill in front of houseThe plumbing system in your home works hard every day, from the kitchen and bathroom fixtures to the water heater and the many pipes traveling through the walls and floors. To keep this complex system in great shape, it needs routine maintenance. We recommend customers arrange for drain cleaning at least once a year with our professionals; it’s a great way to prevent regular clogging from making your life unpleasant.

If you’ve already arranged for professional drain cleaning during the past year, there are some other checks you can make on your household plumbing to see if there’s anything which may require professional plumbing repair work in Clovis, NM. You don’t want to have a relaxing summer day ruined when part of your plumbing breaks, so follow our short checklist to see where you may need plumbing assistance.

See That the Toilets Are Working

Toilets are, of course, essential plumbing fixtures. They also use more water than any other fixture in a house, often accounting for 40% of all water consumption over a year. These are fixtures you want to be sure are in the best shape! Make sure you don’t have to jiggle the handles on any of the toilets to get them to flush, and that they are properly refilling the bowl with each flush. Also, check for any signs of water leakage around the toilet. If you think a toilet is leaking, never delay calling for repairs!

Clean the Showerheads

Mineral deposits will develop on showerheads over time, which is why you’ll often notice the water spray from a showerhead pointing in different directions. If the buildup continues, you’ll end up with low water pressure in the shower. There’s no need to use an expensive cleaner to remove these mineral deposits. Just unscrew the showerhead and place it in a solution of water and vinegar overnight. The action of the vinegar will remove the deposits.

Find out If You Have Leaky Faucets

One of the biggest thieves who can target your home is the leaky faucet water thief. Even a faucet dripping only once a minute adds up to around 34 gallons wasted per year. Look over each faucet in your home and check if there are water spots in the bowl below it when it isn’t running. Have leaky faucets repaired or replaced with new low-flow fixtures.

Test for Hidden Leaks With the Water Meter

Finally, you can discover if you have hidden pipe leaks, such as slab leaks, in your house with a simple but effective test. Check the reading on your water meter and write it down. Then don’t use any water in your home for an hour. Recheck the water meter. If the meter reading as gone up, then there’s leaking occurring somewhere in the house, probably out of your sight. Call for plumbers to do water leak detection so the problem can be repaired before it gets worse.

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