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Why You Need Professional Plumbers for Leak Detection

Last week we took a look at one of the more common plumbing hassles that require the work of licensed plumbers: fixing pinhole leaks. We’re going to continue to look at leaks in this post but in a more general way. Leaking of any kind in a home plumbing system presents a dilemma: most of the leaks occur in places hidden from sight, making it difficult to actually find the pipe where the water is escaping. When leaks are an issue in your house, you must have licensed professional plumbers on the job for leak detection services.

But Isn’t the Leaking Obvious?

No, not always. In fact, the point where water is gushing from a pipe and can be easily seen won’t occur until much later. And you want the leaking fix long before a disaster like this occurs. Most of the piping in your house is disguised behind drywall or down in the floorboards. The way to tell that you have leaking issues is from other warning signs, such as elevated water bills, discolored spots on the walls, lumps under the carpet, a rise in indoor humidity, or the appearance of mold and mildew. This is when you call the professionals for leak detection.

How Professionals Locate the Leaks

The warning signs we mentioned above are rarely enough to allow for a simple pinpointing of where a leak is occurring. Plumbers must put to use a number of tools, starting with their own knowledge of plumbing systems. Acoustic listening discs and ground microphones allow them to hear the escape of water, and thermal scanners can help them narrow down the location even further. The most powerful tool is video camera inspection equipment, which gives the plumber a clear view of the inside of the pipes.

Once the leak is located, plumbers can take care of the necessary repairs with the least amount of guesswork and damage to building material. It will go faster as well.

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