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Tank Water Heaters in Clovis, NM

When people think of residential water heaters, they usually imagine a large metal tank containing a supply of water that receives heat from gas jets or electrical elements inside it. This is the standard type of water heater found in the majority of homes, and it’s known as a tank water heater or storage water heater. Although new technology for heating water has come along, the storage water heater remains a popular fixture in houses.

Whenever a water heater starts to lose its ability to provide the volume of water to a home that it should, it requires the work of professionals to fix or replace it. Mark Carpenter Plumbing has years of experience taking care of tank water heaters, and you can trust us to see to whatever difficulties your home’s water heater in Clovis, NM may experience. We also install new tank water heaters. To learn more or to schedule service, call our team today!

The trained team at Mark Carpenter Plumbing offers complete service for tank water heaters in Clovis and the surrounding areas.

The Advantages of Installing a Tank Water Heater

With other options for water heaters no available, such as tankless and heat pump models, why should you still consider a tank water heater for a new installation or replacement? There are a number of reasons that these models still hold onto a large share of the water heater market.

For one, they are price–competitive. Even though storage water heaters tend to use more energy to run than other models, they are often much less expensive to install in the first place, which makes them better fits for many budgets. Tank water water heaters also keep their supply of hot water ready to go whenever a tap turns on, so there is little wait lag for the hot water to arrive—and that means less water waste. And where some other water heater types might struggle when multiple taps come on, tank water heaters won’t have a problem as long as their supply holds out. (Make sure you have professionals size and install the system so that its storage amount matches your family’s need.)

Watch for Signs that You Need Tank Water Heater Repair

You never want to hesitate when it’s time to call technicians to fix your tank water heater. The longer you delay, the worse the problems will grow, and they may even lead to water damage in your home. Here are few indications to keep watch for:

  • Leaking: At the first sight of water pooling under the tank, get on the phone for repairs. A leak anywhere on the tank or the connections is a serious problem.
  • Rumbling or other strange sounds: Don’t worry that the tank is going to burst—this is extremely rare. But these noises do caution that something is amiss in the tank, and it’ll take technicians to find what it is and fix it.
  • Drop in water volume or water heat: If you detect any decline in the water heater’s basic ability to do its job, never ignore it. Get experts on the problem fast.

Along with the work that we do to install, replace, and repair electric and gas storage water heaters, you can also depend on our trained team to perform annual maintenance that will keep your water heater in excellent shape and working at its most energy efficient. Mark Carpenter Plumbing is licensed, insured, and bonded, and you can trust us for quality workmanship on water heaters in Clovis, NM.