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Water Leak Detection in Clovis, NM

The water leak is one of the most common plumbing problems that you are likely to encounter in your home. After all, anywhere water is contained, it has the capacity to breach. When properly installed with quality materials, your plumbing system should be able to withstand daily wear and tear. And considering that the majority of piping materials have a lifespan of well over 50 years, leaks can seem unlikely indeed. But it’s not just the pipes themselves that are subject to leaks. It's the connections between them as well as the various valves, fixtures, mechanical components, and plumbed appliances.

Unfortunately, not all leaks reveal themselves with a large puddle on the floor or with an obvious stain on the wall. Many leaks have to be detected with sophisticated equipment because of their location underneath floors or behind walls or even underground. We offer comprehensive water leak detection services throughout the greater Clovis area, and we can discover the root cause of the problem in your home so that you can get back to comfort and convenience in the home.

For accurate and reliable water leak detection in Clovis, NM, call Mark Carpenter Plumbing.

Are There Leaks in Your Home?

Leaks can result in all sorts of trouble in your home. Whether your home is relatively new or it was built years before you ever moved in, it’s worth having any suspicious activity investigated by a professional. We can make sure that any leaks on your property are pinpointed exactly. Here are some things to consider about leaks on your property:

  • Wasted water: If you find that your water bill is much higher than normal, then it could very well be a leak in your main water line, or even somewhere within the home. For obvious reasons, this can raise the cost of living, but it’s also important to get rid of any leaks in our area due to our climate.
  • Underground leaks: The main water line that feeds your home is underground, and it’s therefore difficult to figure out its status without video pipeline inspection. That’s a service we offer, and we can investigate your water line if you suspect that it’s sprung a leak.
  • Slab leaks: In some types of slab foundations, the water lines are set directly into the concrete or are installed directly under them. A slab leak can be problematic for many reasons, including potentially serious damage to the foundation of your home.

Why Professional Water Leak Detection Is Best

The development of sophisticated water leak detection equipment has given us the ability to pinpoint leaks like never before. We use a number of different pieces of equipment, depending on the situation, including CCTV pipe inspection, which gives us a direct view of the pipe’s interior as well as sonic detection equipment that allows us to listen to the leak through walls and floors. When used properly, both tools provide an effective and demolition–free to detect leaks accurately. Contact our team today to learn more about our water leak detection services throughout the Clovis, NM area.