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Serving the Clovis, NM area


Water Lines in Clovis, NM

Surely one of the greatest luxuries of home ownership in this modern age is the ability to pipe clean, potable water into your home via your water line in Clovis, NM. In order to ensure that you are able to do so effectively and dependably, of course, you must know for certain that your main water line is installed and serviced by a skilled, trained professional. When you hire Mark Carpenter Plumbing to do the job, this is guaranteed to be the case.

For a decade and half now, our exceptional team of in-house trained plumbers has been providing homeowners throughout the area with the quality plumbing services they need. We are family-owned and operated, and we treat our clients with the same respect and priority that we’d treat our own families. If you need a new water line installed on your property, contact a member of our staff today to schedule service.

We have gained substantial experience within utility main line installation. We have the proper training, experience, equipment and licensing to install water or sewer main lines from 4” to 16”.

Please feel free to contact us for more detailed information about the services we provide. Our free estimates are available for any service that we perform. 

Mark Carpenter Plumbing provides water line services in Clovis, NM and the surrounding areas.

Let Us Handle Your Water Line Installation

At Mark Carpenter Plumbing, we have the proper training, experience, equipment, and licensing to install water main lines from 4" to 16". While a water main line is not exactly a complex piece of machinery, it’s still integral to your plumbing system that the water line is installed with the utmost care. If your water line is not the right size for your needs and your property, if it is made of inferior materials, or if it is improperly installed in any way, then you risk serious issues with its operation. Fortunately, you won’t have to worry about any of that when you allow the professional technicians on our staff to install your water line.

The benefits of scheduling your water line installation with a professional who will do the job right the first time are numerous. The installation of a water line requires a certain level of excavation on your property, and you don’t want to have your property dug up more than is necessary to get that water line in place the first time. When you work with us, you can also expect a firm pricing quote before the job gets underway, rather than a flimsy estimate that misrepresents the actual cost of the job. We charge by the job, not the hour. That way our clients know precisely what the work costs.

Do You Need to Have Your Water Line Replaced?

While water main lines do not have complicated moving parts that can break down, they can be compromised in a number of ways. Perhaps tree roots have grown into your water line, compromising its integrity. It’s also possible that construction on your property, or on a nearby property, can result in irreparable damage to the water line. Even old age, combined with certain outdated materials, can result in the need for a water line replacement. Whatever the issue may be, you can count on our team to install your replacement water line with the skill and expertise befitting a company of our great repute.

When you need water line services in the area, make sure that you are working with technicians that you can truly count on. We’ve proven our adeptness in water line services countless times over the years. Feel free to contact a member of our staff—we have a live telephone operator and a staffed office standing by to help—with any further questions that you may have.