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Water Heater Maintenance: Why You Need It

Monday, October 23rd, 2017

water-heater-tankDuring the fall is the time when homeowners schedule maintenance for their heating systems so they’re ready to handle the cold weather. But parts of a household plumbing system also need maintenance attention during fall, even though they’re used around the year. The water heater is one plumbing appliance that needs regular tune-ups and inspections, and the fall is the best time to arrange for these services. Even though water heaters do work on almost every day of the year, they receive additional work stress during the winter. Plus, winter is the time of the year when people least want to have their water heater suddenly break down and cut off the hot water supply!

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Fall Is a Good Time for Water Heater Maintenance

Monday, September 12th, 2016

When the seasons change from the heat of summer to the cooler days of fall, homeowners start to make plans for the approach of winter. This includes tasks like winterizing the home and arranging for professional maintenance for heating systems. There are parts of the plumbing that could also use some winter maintenance, and one of them is the water heater. Even though you use the water heater around the year, you’ll especially miss it if it fails on you in winter, so it’s wise to have maintenance done before winter arrives.

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